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Alternatives to Plastic Bottled Water

Alternatives to Plastic Bottled Water

With single-use plastic bottles being one of the largest plastic pollutants damaging our planet and oceans, reducing the amount of single-use plastic waste is a simple change that families and households can make to preserve the planet. Discover more about Doulton® water filters, a sustainable alternative to plastic bottled water, at home and on the go.

Almost half of the 35.8 million plastic bottles that are used every day in the UK are not recycled. As a result, a huge 8 million tonnes of plastic are entering the ocean every year, damaging marine life, polluting our oceans and adding to the plastic problem.

Installing a water filter in your home is an excellent alternative to purchasing bottled water, helping to reduce your plastic waste footprint. Whilst many households and families opt to purchase bottled water to drink high-quality water at home, many look for a cheaper, more sustainable substitute.

Reducing Plastic Waste at Home

Doulton® under-counter water filters are a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to purchasing bottled water, providing instantly filtered water, straight from the tap. Discover the range of Doulton® under-counter filter housings here.

Doulton® counter-top water filters are a quick and convenient solution to clean, healthy water on demand. Counter-top water filters are fitted to the existing kitchen tap, dispensing filtered water straight from the filter unit. Discover the range of Doulton® counter-top filter housings here.

All Doulton® ceramic filter candles are made from naturally occurring, raw materials meaning they can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. The candles are effective at filtering contaminants for six months to a year, offering a sustainable solution for the best quality drinking water, without plastic waste.

Reducing Plastic Waste On The Go

Combining the power of a Doulton® water filter with the convenience of bottled water, the Doulton® TASTE bottle is an environmentally friendly, portable and reusable water filter bottle that helps to save the planet, as well as the pennies. The Doulton® TASTE is a cost-effective alternative to bottled water, costing around 3 pence per litre, compared to bottled water which costs on average around 85p per litre.

The Doulton® TASTE bottle allows you to take delicious Doulton® water with you, wherever you go. Fill up at drinking water fountains and refill stations with the assurance that your water is clean and full of healthy minerals naturally found in tap water.

The stylish and durable bottle is made from PET and BPA free materials and is available in three colourways. Help to reduce the number of plastic bottles thrown away, which often end up in landfills and the ocean, damaging our planet and harming wildlife. Take the Doulton® TASTE bottle in the car, on the train and in the office. Discover more here for great taste without the waste.


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